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News From Wes Poirot

Dear All Saints Church Family

Wes and I wanted to write to you together to share some news that is both exciting and hard. All of the youth were invited to hear this first hand from Wes on Zoom on Tuesday 10th November and this letter will be in the All Saints News this weekend. 

Wes writes:

One of the predictable things about following Jesus is that life can be very unpredictable! Wes Poirot 2018Being called to move from School Leadership to a Church Youth Worker role was surprising, and having been in this role for over four years, I have increasingly felt God wanting to lead me on to something new.

With this in mind, we will be moving to Devizes in August 2021, where I will be working three days a week as Minister-in-training at a local Baptist Church and then two days a week studying for an MA in Theology and Mission at Bristol Baptist College. This will take four years.

I wouldn’t normally be announcing this so soon but I would rather you heard it directly from me, rather than on the inevitable Christian grapevine! I would like to say a huge thank you for all the encouragement and support you have given me over the years.

My aim now is to continue to support the youth and help in the transition as my successor is found. The youth in Toast and Rendezvous are truly remarkable and I will miss them a lot; however, I know that I am not the person to be taking them on to the next stage, so that means that God is preparing someone else’s heart to take on this job. I find that exciting.

Hearing these things can be tough, but we can trust that as the Holy Spirit has been guiding Wes, so he will also be guiding a new person into this role.

Let’s all commit to praying for Wes, Elaine and the children with this move, for the youth in Toast and Rendezvous and for wisdom for all those involved in appointing a new Church Youth Worker.

God bless

Mark Searle and Wes Poirot

Mark Searle, 12/11/2020