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Steps out of lockdown (we hope)

We have not been this way before! 

It has been quite a year. Steps our of LockdownGoing into lockdown this time last year was difficult, but at least we knew where we were. Over 2020 as the goal posts kept on changing and sometimes at very short notice, it was difficult to plan effectively. At least this time we have a road map with steps from the government. We have therefore made a provisional plan to restart in-person worship at All Saints following the steps set out by the government. This plan has been discussed and agreed at a full PCC on 15th March 2021.

I know there is a frustration among some to just get back to worship in person now. But the reality for a church the size of All Saints we can’t just get back to “normal”. Currently, we would not be able to do children’s work, sing, talk to each other or have coffee. The plans we have set up below try to prioritise gathered family worship, but it will look different.

Thanks for your continued patience and prayer. As we step out together I pray that we will not just go back to normal, but would step into all that God has been doing in us over the last year. Change is not easy, but God is on the move.

God bless
Mark Searle

Provisional plans - all subject to change. Confirmed details will be announced on the website as soon as we have them.

Easter Week (provisional) - open for daily private prayer, Easter gardens around Weston, daily reflections online. Family focus Easter activities around the church/churchyard over the Easter weekend. Cross with flowers on Easter Sunday in the churchyard - come and help us dress the cross.

Step 2 (From Monday 12 April)

Youth work possible to restart.

Sanctuary and Church Live continue online, with Church Live moving to Sunday evening. CL will start to gather an informal team and may stream from church.

Family worship in person - outside if possible, not streamed, but could be recorded and reposted. Conversation about in-person Salt service. (We want to create space for people to be together)

Step 3 (from Monday 17th May)

Sanctuary and CL start to have ticket attendance. DVD production and delivery will continue. Still no singing or socialising!

Family Gathering in church at 11am - ticketed, again, not streamed but could be recorded and reposted.

Step 4 (Currently from 21st June)

Create Space for conversations/testimony/lament.

Host parties!

Full return of in-person worship that is also streamed but service times and structure remain transitional.

Worship then food after the morning service to create space?

The Summer and beyond

August will probably be a lighter month with some opportunities to gather for worship/socials (people/team are tired). Some pre-recorded worship/teaching anticipating a fuller return to worship and children’s groups in September.