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Song Words for Sunday 16th May

We will do the rain check at 10.30 and decide if we have to be inside.... but it is not looking very sunny yet!

Shout Hosanna

Brett Younker, Chris Tomlin, Ed Cash, Kristian Stanfill
Verse 1
To the King of glory and light all praises
To the only Giver of life our Maker
The gates are open wide we worship You

Verse 2
Come see what love has done amazing
He bought us with His blood our Savior
The cross has overcome we worship You

Shout hosanna Jesus He saves
Shout hosanna He rose from the grave
Come and lift Him up hosanna

Verse 3
Now let the lost be found forgiven
Death could not hold Him down He's risen
So let the saints cry out we worship You

The same power that rolled the stone away
The same power alive in us today
King Jesus we call upon Your name no other name

(Come and lift Him up) Hosanna
(Come and lift Him up) Hosanna
(Come and lift Him up) Hosanna

© 2015 Alletrop Music, S. D. G. Publishing, sixsteps Music, sixsteps Songs, Worship Together Music, songs


Before The Throne Of God (Before The Throne)

Andrew Hodge, Charitie Lees Bancroft, Stephen Gause
Verse 1
Before the throne of God above
I have a strong a perfect plea
A great High Priest whose name is Love
Who ever lives and pleads for me

Verse 2
My name is graven on His hands
My name is written on His heart
I know that while in heaven He stands
No tongue can bid me thence depart

Verse 3
When Satan tempts me to despair
And tells me of the guilt within
Upward I look and see Him there
Who made an end of all my sin

Verse 4
Because the sinless Saviour died
My sinful soul is counted free
For God the Just is satisfied
To look on Him and pardon me

Verse 5
Behold Him there the risen Lamb
My perfect spotless Righteousness
The great unchangeable I AM
The King of glory and of grace

Verse 6
One with Himself I cannot die
My soul is purchased by His blood
My life is hid with Christ on high
With Christ my Saviour and my God

© Words: Public Domain , Music: 2006 Invertigo (Admin. by Invertigo Productions), Winding Way Music (Admin. by Song Solutions

Everlasting God

Brenton Brown, Ken Riley
Verse 1
Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord
We will wait upon the Lord
We will wait upon the Lord

Our God You reign forever
Our Hope our strong Deliv'rer

Chorus 1
You are the everlasting God
The everlasting God
You do not faint
You won't grow weary

Chorus 1b
You're the defender of the weak
You comfort those in need
You lift us up on wings like eagles

© 2005 Thankyou Music (Admin. by Integrity Music)