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This week The Venerable Adrian Youings, Archdeacon of Bath, will be preaching on the subject of “A Church Where Everyone is Connected and Valued”.
Archdeacon Adrian explores with us what it means to be part of Christ’s body joined together with all the weird and wonderful worshippers at All Saints this Sunday.
Paddy Gleave will be speaking about ‘A thoroughly equipped church’ as he unpacks some verses from the book of Timothy.
We continue the New Year theme at the Sanctuary service when Paddy Gleave, one of our hard working church wardens will be speaking on “A thoroughly equipped church”. His title is ‘Your story, our story, God’s story.’
Sarah Couchman will be leading with Dave Parr who will be exploring our calling to be 'Holy and Godly'.
Please join us for our Sanctuary service this week when Dave Parr will help us consider what it means to be called to be 'Holy and Godly'.
As a church at the start of 2022, we face many challenges ranging from Covid to the recent news of the resignation of our Rector Mark, pushing ahead with the ROCK Project and many more.
Pippa Page will be leading and Tom Peryer will be speaking on the subject: ‘Four Steps We All Need to Take’. A prize for anyone who works out what those steps are in advance of the service.
FAMILY CHRISTMAS SING - Tuesday 14 December 2021 at 7.30pm in All Saints Church. Get that festive feeling at an evening of uplifting carols and gospel performances
You are invited to join in the worship this Sunday and hear how we can be “living stones” carefully chosen by God with Jesus as the cornerstone.
We will be exploring how we can play our part in the construction of a "sanctuary, vibrant with life", as we sing, pray and open up God's word together.