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There is plenty going on and we want to keep you up to date. 

Latest News 

Nigel has been employed as the Chaplain at the University of Bath since September 2016. This work involves visiting many other churches across the city and living on the university campus. They need to find a place where they can worship together.
Sunday 23 June, 15:30hrs – 17:00hrs
Latest news on planning application, chairs and opening the Church.
Access is a simple introduction to the Christian faith. It is open to anyone and runs a rolling and varied program so that you can join at any point and stay as long as you like.

Our News and Views

12 -18 May 2019
A wide range of talents is needed for this Passion Play in 2020
Steffie works with youth group to see the reality of climate change through their eyes.

Community News 

Friday 05 April at 19:30hrs at Weston Methodist Church
A letter to parents explaining this decision
Andy Day and his Team have complete refurbished the Children's garden area.

Bath and Beyond

Find out more about the African Palms project
How well do you know Bath? 14 May 2019
Christians need to bring their God-given vision of care for creation into the debate and together to take action to care for the environment...
12 -18 May 2019

Recent Talks

1 Cor 14:1-5
Mark Searle
1 Cor 14:1-5
Mark Searle
John 16:8-12
Mark Searle

Latest Blog Post From Mark

In the Easter story we find Jesus on the wrong form of transport. Kings don't ride donkeys.


Our Stories

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Mark Searle


Rock News

Latest news on planning application, chairs and opening the Church.
This week over 350 pages of documentation, plans, photos and images were sent to BandNES for our third pre-planning inquiry.


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