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Although our Alpha 2022 is now completed, we will be running further Alpha courses either in September this year or in January 2023. Keep an eye on this page for updates.

We've left the information from our previous Alpha below, so that you can see what the usual format is.

Alpha is a forum for investigating, challenging and hearing what Christians believe.

A new look interactive Alpha course will be run from Jan 2022 at All Saints Centre (Upper Room) commencing with a taster evening at 7.45pm, Tuesday 11th Jan, then sessions run each Tuesday to 22nd March. There is no charge for any of the sessions. 

Who is it for?We think Alpha is great for everyone - have a look for yourself:Check out a sample session

Message from Don Hewit, Alpha Course Leader

Thank you very much for expressing an interest in coming to the forthcoming Alpha Course, running Tues 11th Jan to Tues 22nd Mar, 7.45pm to 9.45pm at All Saints Centre, High Street, Weston, Bath BA1 4BX, it will be great to see you!

I will be leading the course, and I am enthusiastic about it as I believe it really helps people in their lives, whatever stage they are at.

The Taster evening and subsequent weeks will be informal, with cake, tea/coffee, an introduction, then a video followed by a group discussion. It is a safe place to ask whatever questions we might have.

I have detailed below the subjects that will be dealt with each week. There’s no obligation at all and the course is absolutely free. Ten weeks may seem long but our experience has been people find it fly’s by, and really enjoy the evenings getting to know each other and tackling the subjects covered. If you miss a week it is not the end of the world!

I look forward very much to seeing you and if you have any further questions then please do get in touch or sign up here.

All Saints Weston Bath Alpha 2022

11th Jan Session 1: ?Is There More to Life than This? (taster evening)
18th Jan Session 2: Who is Jesus? 
25th Jan Session 3: Why Did Jesus Die?
1st Feb Session 4: How Can I Have Faith? 
8th Feb Session 5: Why And How Do I Pray?
22nd Feb Session 6: How Does God Guide Us? And Why & How should I read the Bible?
1st Mar Session 7: How Can I Resist Evil?
8th Mar Session 8: Why and How Should I Tell Others?
15th Mar Session9: Does God Heal Today? 
22nd Mar Session 10: What About the Church?

For more information call the Church Office on 01225 447663.

What people have said having been on the course

‘Despite having a very good job, wonderful husband, step-children, healthy parents and a beautiful home, life was hectic and unfulfilling.  Often felt like there was something not quite right, but couldn't articulate what.  Feeling of being trapped in the mundane and not being the best version of me.
Alpha has literally turned my life on its axis.  Through prayer, I have begun a journey that will hopefully result in me becoming the best version of me and enable me to start to use the gifts I have been given in a more altruistic way.  I feel as if I have joined a community of people who actually care about others and go out and demonstrate that’.
‘Thanks again to the team who put on the Alpha course. I found it very rewarding and has made a difference to my life already. I just need to work out a way of getting to church now on a regular basis. I’ll find a way’.