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Our Stories 

Over the next few months we would love to fill this space with our stories. Some of our stories of faith are very dramatic. Some are ordinary and consistent. Other times we just have a significant encounter that we want to share. But all can be helpful and encourage others.

Please click here to send us a message with a sentence about your story and we will work with you to get your story published here. 

I had a baby who was 5 months old and he became extremely ill, so ill that when he was in hospital he had a cardiac arrest, and he was sent to Reading hospital. They said he had viral pneumonia and he also had something that was called Pioderma...
It was a couple of years ago at New Wine, I go with my daughter there and we have a wonderful time. We go to the evening service which is very noisy, very loud, all the music and all the lights and I thought this one evening I would stay in the caravan...